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The Final Word Headstone ®

For the lonely billionaire who has everything - or thinks he does. Sometimes dying with the most toys doesn't provide the satisfaction you thought it would. Something is missing. Everyone has unfinished business or pearls of wisdom they would like to impart to their friends (or enemies) before they go. But it just takes too much time and energy to track everyone down and say the things you've been saving up over a lifetime. Which is where the Final Word Headstone ® comes in! Each of our headstones is more than just a grave marker: a sophisticated solar-powered computer is embedded inside each granite headstone, with pre-recorded messages linked to buttons on the front, color-coded for each of your relatives! Now your loved ones will no longer wonder what you really thought of them; because you can tell them for eternity, without fear of consequences! Make your last days on earth your most enjoyable by getting things off your chest so you can leave this world with a clean conscience and a chuckle or two. Plus, the added benefit of insuring that your loved ones keep coming back to visit you by leaving incomplete timed messages they must attend if they want to know where your secret accounts are kept or the family heirlooms you hid before you went! Go ahead - point to some of them now for a sample of some real-life messages left behind by one of America's most notorious tycoons!

You can leave up to 200 timed messages for your loved ones, spaced out over 70 years! Your voice will outlive your grandchildren! Final Word Headstone, Inc., will help you prepare your messages, insure their privacy with our special encryption feature, and send out letters to all those you have left messages for. Who says you can't take it with you? Now, in a sense, you don't have to go!


Admit it. You'd buy this! (At least you'd think about it.)

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