Welcome to my little corner of the web. I won't bore you with all of the reasons why I created this site, but if you really want to know, I have placed a link to it somewhere on this page (you will have to use your acute browsing skills to find it). Below you will find buttons for every kind of comedy imaginable, and some you might not have wanted to imagine. Rather than waste more of your time reading this, just start clicking on them. Your lunch break isn't that long. The comedy isn't arranged in any particular order, because this is my first site, I don't care about neatness, and I have a very short attention span. This site is written for people just like myself.

Tired of the same old limited greeting cards that just don't fit the occasion you're looking for? Try our selection. We understand today's needs.

Greeting Cards

For those of you like myself whose taste in humor tends towards the darker side (some might even say "whacked"), check out the following:

Dark Humor

Are you a fan of rare and offbeat comicbooks? How about one so offbeat you'll probably never see it except here?

Tomorrow's comicbook-Today!

Mystery Buff? Check out the first in my hero's own series.

For Mystery Buffs

Are you tired of technology being put to the wrong uses? These are some of my suggestions for the most timely items of the New Age (which some might understandably confuse with the Same Old Crummy Age.)

Really Useful Ideas

And for anyone who gets irritated on voting day when presented with 200 incomprehensible propositions on the ballot that PAC interests explain to you, here is my take on a typical entry.

Proposition 16

Don't miss the latest films by today's hottest directors!

Coming Attractions!

We're coming near the end of the main page; just scroll past the dancing S below; whatever you do, * don't click on it *, or you will learn more than you want to know about my comedy group and our upcoming shows around (and under) L.A.

I'm glad you resisted tempation. And now, last but not least - The Greatest Comedy Sketches Almost Produced! (Warning; these are written in script format, and have no colorful graphics since I used them all up)

Greatest Comedy Sketches Almost Produced!

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