Fell right into my trap, didn't you? Sane Asylum is a sketch and improv video group comprised of an ever-growing and changing group of actors whose names I cannot begin to mention because I lost the list about two weeks ago. However, I assure you they are all very talented. Presently we are working on a series of video shows to be shown on Public Access around Los Angeles. It will be a few months before our shows air in Los Angeles, and we will be providing a complete listing of show times for our viewer. (Thanks, Bill.) We hope to also post some of our videos on IFC.com, the Independent film channel's website.

Sane Asylum was, like many enterprises, started out of frustration. When I first came to L.A. many months ago, I wanted to join a comedy group but learned that many of the groups around town were doing "blue" humor, which is a nice way of saying humor that relied on shock value and profanity rather than imagination and intelligence. I wanted to join a group that was doing clean humor, and there weren't many. So I started The No Rabbit Magic Show, which became Sane Asylum after we were sued by several animal rights groups on the believe that we were practicing discrimination against rabbits. (The truth is that the name confused many audience members, not to mention my performers, some of whom I later found out were amateur magicians. I thought the capes were just a fashion trend.)

This page is a work in progress; in the near future I will be adding bios and unauthorized biographies of my performers, dates and listings of our shows, and a link to some of our videos online. Please check back often, and feel free to send me an email to give me your opinion of the site. Thanks for stopping by.

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